Who we are


If the business model of your startup is globally scalable, has the capability to foster social growth, and the potential to attract the target audience, then THINK BIG, we are here to help you establish a successful business. From smooth flow of funds to avoid every hassle in operations to fostering the company’s growth with proven marketing gimmicks, and maintain the growth pace with effective HR strategies to stabilise its position in the market with adequate legal support, Risers Accelerator offers a complete package of services to startups and ascertain their speedy and sustainable growth.

In line with Make in India, Startup India, and Digital India, our vision is to bolster startups and hence contribute INR 3,00,000 crores collective revenue to the Indian Economy by 2025. And, to pursue this mission, Risers Accelerator will be associating with Indraprastha Institute of Technology, Delhi (IIIT-D) to help its students become future entrepreneurs through financial assistance and knowledge support, and in turn, get institute’s technological assistance to harness a rich and lucrative culture of startups across the world.

We connect startups to opportunities and help them scale their businesses. Through smart assistance, we empower their passion and help them find a way to achieve newer feats. In short, we at Risers strategically remove all the barriers that come in the way of these startups and impede them to grow.

It’s crucial to understand and know where to spend your money so that it can spawn fruitful results. But that stage comes later; first, you need to have that money in your hand. Many startups have ground-breaking ideas but fail to implement them due to inadequate resources. Risers does all of that.


To partake in nation-building through inspiring and empowering socially disruptive startups with comprehensive knowledge, holistic experience, and adequate funding.


To transform business ideas into feasible plans, and plans into profitable startups with financial, infrastructural, and knowledge support.


Harnessing a prosperous and lucrative culture of start-ups across the world, and making a contribution to Indian Economy with INR 3,00,000 crores collective revenue by 2025.


Compassion – Creating a culture of warmth and belongingness.

Learning – Always receptive for more and better knowledge and advanced practices.

Consistency – Quality services without undesirable breaks and interruptions.

Integrity – Aligning the business mission, goals, and objectives with the company’s vision.

Accountability – Trust in words, trust in work.

Communication – Open Source; sharing everything unambiguously.

Leadership – Inspiring young entrepreneurs with result-driven policies and empowering their startups for the inclusive development of the nation.