Pravin Khandelwal, the man of insightful perspectives, started the company Pranay Impex Pvt Ltd (PIPL) in 2004 with a team of only 7 people and a single product, Stainless Steel Scrubber. Within a decade, the company grew leaps and bounds to become one of the largest manufacturers of stainless steel scrubber in the country.

The diligent efforts and dedicated approach turned fruitful for the company as it touches the mark of 50,000 Cr. Market Cap with revenue of 5,000 Cr. and Pat 20% across its 25 product range. Today, the company is aggressively selling products through 800+ distributors pan India across 17 states. This has also garnered great reputation and recognition for Mr Pravin in the industry and was chosen by the All India Scrubber Manufacturing Association (AISMA) as an ideal candidate to be their President.

Pravin is a management graduate from Jagan Institute of Management Studies. The institute entitled him “Best Alumnus” of 2014, and today, he is a role model for many youths. Apart from tapping the best of corporate success, to strengthen the foothold of Hindu business leaders across the globe, Pravin has also worked hard in helping the young Hindu entrepreneurs and enthusiasts grow. Through his work as an executive committee member of the World Hindu Economic Forum and as a steering committee member of the World Hindu Youth Entrepreneur he has been the driving force towards improving Hindu economy.

Pravin Khandelwal is one of the chief members in the pilot team of Risers Accelerator that strives to invest in, inspire and empower entrepreneurs that have potential to transform the society with their revolutionary ideologies and globally scalable as well as saleable business models. This group of 35 entrepreneurs is driven with a shared vision of contributing 3 Lacs Cr in India’s GDP by 2025