Common questions about Risers Accelerator

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  • Brief about Risers Accelerator?

    We are a accelerator platform for startups that aims to transform the game-changing ideas of startups into feasible and profitable businesses. We will ensure growth of startup through adequate financial, infrastructural, and knowledge support with the help of our well-integrated team of 35 successful businessmen from diverse backgrounds and sectors with 700+ years of cumulative experience. We envision to bolster startups in line with Make in India, Startup India, and Digital India.

  • What are the pillars of the organization?

    • Compassion -Creating a culture of warmth and belongingness.
    • Learning -Always receptive for more and better knowledge and advanced
    • Consistency-Quality services without undesirable breaks and interruptions.
    • Integrity-Aligning the business mission, goals, and objectives with the company’s vision.
    • Accountability-Trust in words, trust in work.
    • Communication -Open Source; sharing everything unambiguously.
    • Leadership -Inspiring young entrepreneurs with result-driven policies and empowering their start-ups for the inclusive development of the nation.

  • What Risers Accelerator offers?

    • We plan to support 200 interesting, profitable and scalable startup ideas within 1 year of time.
    • We would invest from Rs. 10 lakh upto Rs. 50 lakhs in nurturing these startups.
    • We would like to see prospering startups entrepreneurs in India which are not just generating revenue but also contributing to economy through GDP and employment.
    • We would connect startups to opportunities and help them scale their businesses.

  • The 5 year plan of the organization?

    To make a contribution to Indian Economy with INR 3,00,000 crores collective revenue by 2025.

  • The plan of action of the organization?

    To transform business ideas into feasible plans, and plans into profitable startups with financial, infrastructural, and knowledge support.

  • Are you willing to fund education led business?

    We have collaborated with IIIT-Delhi as our technical and knowledge partner.We want to help
    the students of IIIT-D in realizing their innovative ideas through funding to empower the
    innovative, profitable and scalable ideas of the students which is not possible for them at the
    moment due to shortage of funds, to work collaboratively for catalyzing startups with result-
    driven strategies and capital strengthening to amalgamate groundbreaking ideas with new-age

  • Why Risers are different?

    Many times, despite having great business potential, startups fail to sustain the cut-throat market
    competition due to lack of experience and guidance. Risers Accelerator not only provide funds
    but also aims to support, accentuate, and protect the promising businesses, which once
    succeeded, can revamp the overall economic scenario of the country.

  • What form of investment structures/terms are you willing to consider?

    We are flexible. We prefer simple, low-cost approaches. We are friendly towards future
    investors. These save everyone time and money.

  • What kind of Startups do you fund?

    We fund all kinds of startups.

  • How much time it takes for the fund to be processed?

    Under the time period of 1 month, the process is completed.

  • What is the monetary bar for the fund offered?

    It is between 10 lacks to 50 lacks, depending to the requirement.

  • Are you considering seed investments outside of India?

    Currently, we are only investing in businesses which are primarily operating in India. We invest pan-India

  • We’ve already taken some funding. Can we still apply?

    Absolutely yes, in fact many of the startup(s) come to us for the mentorship and guidance that we provide as part of the program rather than monetary help .